Punto 2012+ ICE Not Turning On With Car

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Punto 2012+ ICE Not Turning On With Car


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Feb 1, 2024
Hi all,
I have a 2017 Punto and have owned for just over 3 years with very few problems until today.

When I turned on the car last week, the infotainment system didn't come on automatically. It came on when I pressed the power button and worked fine, but then did not switch off when I turned the car off.

I had a few errands to run this morning so car was on and off a few times and did not come on automatically at all, but still worked when pressing the power button. However, on a longer drive, it powered down by itself after about 15 minutes and I had to switch on again.

I would *assume* there's an issue with the system recognising the car is running, but would have no idea how to check or diagnose this. Any suggestions please?
Frozen out for a week. Worked perfectly. Just pund around door frame. I was climbing thru trunk until that froze too. Errr.
Helpful information as the ice was not coming out of my refrigerator. Tip #2 showed the location of the ice tray, and I found the ice was stuck together which prevented it from falling down the chute when needed.
Thanks - I did look at that and nothing in the option menu for set up. For reset, it wants the radio code; I bought car second hand and don't have the manual so will need to figure that out
Im sure if you ask on the in car entertainment someone will be able to help, There are some prpoer experts on here.