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Oct 6, 2007
hi. just got a nail fruw ma tyre on a sx 100. anyone now what speed you are limited on the space saver tyre, can u get tyres repaired they are nearly brand new cheers jason.
also after some fiat alloys anyone now of anyone .
I think it's 50mph, but obviously I'd say don't nail it everywhere up to 50! Take it easy and use it only to get to the garage. I'm not sure if people still repair tyres; think it depends on if there is any damage to the belting.
cheers pal. i have a spare tyre at home but i am 120 mile away lol. you think it would be safe driving that far with the space saver.
If it's a straight-run and the weather is good I'm sure you'll be fine.
Nail damage is a simple puncture repair usually (my local garage does them for a tenner) but only if the nail is in or close to the centre of the tread. Anywhere near the edge and it's a new tyre I'm afraid.
yer the nail is in the middle of the tread. ill have to take it to a garage and get a price quoted
When i got a flat tyre on my micra i had to get from ym house to the garage for them to look at it on the space saver - 10 miles

then to work from the garage as they needed to order it in - 10 miles

then back to the garage on the space saver, think i did about 35 miles in total on the space saver, and i think i ent over 50mph as well :rolleyes:
had a space saver tyre on for 2weeks lol top speed i did was 80mph lolol didnt have any problems with it

then back to the garage on the space saver, think i did about 35 miles in total on the space saver, and i think i ent over 50mph as well :rolleyes:

Pair of you can count yourself lucky, someone i know decided to do a bit quicker with a space saver on and it blew and they are now in a wheelchair
Those mini spares have sizes, speed and load ratings like normal tires do. Mine has a speed rating of M or 130 KmH//80 MPH.

That said, use common sense. These tires don't have anywhere near the grip of normal ones. That's why they say not to exceed 50 or whatever MPH. It has to do with breaking and handling. If at all possible, put it on the rear even if a front tire went flat. The longer you need to have it on the car, the truer this advice becomes. I drove around for a week on one, nearly 800 miles at motorway speeds.

Here's the mounting sequence for a flat front tire when you know you can't replace or repair the flat right away...

Park car. Apply hand brake, turn on four way flashers, put on safety vest and set out warning triangle. Put the spare on the left rear (for RHD cars) of the car. Take the good tire and use it to replace the flat. Put the flat in the trunk//hatch//boot//wherever.

So why take the left rear tire? That's important if you are at the side of the road and have to change it in place. It will cut in half your exposure to traffic while changing. Of course if there's no hard shoulder on the left, use the right.