General Spare parts problems?

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General Spare parts problems?


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Jul 11, 2023
Hi everyone,
I am really desperate to have some news about the availability of spare body parts for my brand new Fiat 500 electric. I had an accident just after a month I got the car (after waiting for 8 months for it to be delivered!) and I a, really upset that the car is still not been fixed. Fiat originally told Glyn Hopkin , who then told Solus in Finchley, that the spare parts ( mainly bonnet and bumper) would be available on 28th June. It is now 11th July and still no sign of them and no one knows anything. Will I have to wait months for my car to be fixed? How is it possible that Fiat doesn’t produce spare body parts for its cars?
does anyone know what is going on and if there are channels I can use to speed things up?
so many thanks for any help with this… really losing sleep over this. That car is my pride and joy.. cannot believe I wrecked it after just a month And now it cannot be fixed..