Sound Prolems! Please Help

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Sound Prolems! Please Help


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Nov 14, 2005
I have a JVC G611 Cd Player, JBL 6"9's and a Splx 300watt 4 channel amp (i know im not gettin payed till a month so make do) oh and also a splx twin sub box. Have wired all the power through and remote and rcas. amp powers but no music:( there is nothing at all! what am I doing wrong, all the rcas r in the right place and the speakers are in the right pace but nothing!?
Really stessing me now so please help!
Oh yeh its a Punto Mk1 if it makes a difference
where have you connected the earth lead? Make sure you scraped a bit of paint off around where you're bolting it so you get a good connection. failing that make sure the remote lead from the amp is connected to the right lead on the stereo.

remote is fine, but if the earth wasn't rite then it wouldnt power up at all, or wud it?
we had this problem in the cinq, the amp powered up but wouldn't make a sound. it did make distorion as we connected the sub but that was it. relocated to a better earth and it was fine!!! still going strong.

Because the bolt thread touches bare metal you do get enough earth for the power light to come on, but not much else, the overload circuit in the amp shuts the sound off to avoid damaging speakers. try the earth, and test the sub using your rear speaker wires, you should get sound, it'll just be quiet. if you don't get anything then the subs dont work.

This happened on my mates amp, and it was the earth. The amp was powering up, because it was getting a slight earth through the paint, but nowhere near enough to power a sub. Just check that the earth is connected to bare metal, and scratch paint away if nessecary, although not off of anywhere visible :p