Soft/Hardware For Down/Uploading ECU Maps

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Soft/Hardware For Down/Uploading ECU Maps

Oct 18, 2023
Folkestone, Kent
I want to explore ECU remapping. So I'm looking for some software & hardware to download existing & upload modified maps.

I've done a fair bit of PIC microprocessor programming, some MS executables etc, so not a complete noob, except to ECU's.

Just looking for a heads up on this...else its read up for a few weeks (which I'll be doing anywayTBH).
I bought a spare Marelli 8GSF ECU to play with. :cool:
After a coulpe of weeks of reading, I bought an MPPS Ver 18 tuner off ebay :unsure: , to download the Bin file from the ECU, and downloaded the associated software off the web.

Initially, the prog didn't start but apparently, it doesn't if the MPPS tuner is plugged in. I supplied it with an obligatory stable 12VDC supply and proceeded to download the bin file from the ECU, it worked flawlessly. :D

I then downloaded TunerPro from the web, and an example XDF file (one that I thought might be close to that required for the Marelli 8GSF ECU) I was desperate to try it..and it worked up to a point, in that it loaded a list of tables but no actual data, and I knew that if anything came up, I wouldn't be able to trust it, in light of using the wrong XDF.

The XDF is in XML and is a definition file that makes all the hex code in the bin file make sense, and is different for each vehicle make, model, & ECU.

So all I need to get now is the XDF for my specific make, model & ECU.

But we're getting there. :coffee:
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