Technical So has anyone on here done ITB???

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Technical So has anyone on here done ITB???

Feb 16, 2005
As my strut brace doesn't fit (lame reason i know...but a wheel bearing caused the 16v conversion :p ) and my CDA is due a clean, I'm looking at getting bike throttle bodies on my engine.

I will soon have MS, so ECU/Management is no problem, but I'm after any technical what TB's to get, what size, and if anyone has any tips for mounting, injection and fuel rails?

I have a spare alloy inlet for the 16v and thinking of cutting and chopping it. Is this the easiest approach, or and i better going custom made? By doing this i can retian the fuel and injectors, but not sure if this is the best plan.

Not sure if, overall, it will be better or poorer performance, but after seeing one at Stanford it looks like a laugh, and I like to keep doing new stuff :D

I will have a gander (y)

Was looking more for hand on practical advice with the particular engine. I'm guessing its not done often though.

WDR fitted Hyabusa ones to their engine that was in Retro Cars.
But 'if' i was doing it (I think i will if i ever get time) then gixxer 600 or 750's would be ideal. Some models have them bolted together, so you can strip them apart, make new spacer rails and re-fit them at the correct spacing to suit the head.

And them mount them to a custom inlet manifold. Not too difficult, just a laser profile and 4 bits of tube, then 4 silicone joiners.
I'd go for something with 40 to 45mm bore. If you look on the megasquirt forums you will find lots of nice lists of bike tb's and there size/spaceing, there's a far few that match the fires port spaceing:D That way the fuel rail and injectors come with the tb's.

Boggs Brothers Ltd (01944 738234) will do you an aluminium manifold to match your chosen tb's for £188
You don't need them to be very large as the flow rate of your intake ports are limited.

Yeah, thats what limited the UAD/WDR 600M. TBs were too large (50mm per port!!). Do some research, but Im thinking of using 38mm's on the TC, although they would be useable on the 1242, within a reasonable power band
just get some twin weber 45's, but then angle the inlet manifold so the trumpets stick out the bonnet:slayer: :slayer: