Technical Skywindow - one side is faster than the other

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Technical Skywindow - one side is faster than the other


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Jul 4, 2017
Hy guys. So I bought a stilo with a completely destroyed skywindow. The glass panels were in good shape so I kept them but some idot broke every single plastic piece and bent every single metal. I got a used non working one. I was like "I can fix it" (and also that was the only opinion, you can't even buy used ones). So it had some problems but I fixed, replaced them (bent window holder arm, it was dirty, front motor gear was worn so I replaced that too). But my main problem never got better: The right side was always opening faster than the other, no matter how I adjusted them to totaly 0 position. The first panel opened and the second slid back but when I tried to close it, IT CLOSED ALL THE WAY BUT after like 1 second it opened again back to "position 2". I guess that's because the anti crush system.. So my question is simple:

What to do to make both side slide evenly?