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General SiriusXM missing from Uconnect 6.5 radio


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Sep 19, 2013
I know this issue has been mentioned several times before and there are all kinds of conflicting information regarding it. I just wanted to post what I have found out having looked into this for over 2 months. Hopefully if enough of us who are affected by this issue speak up then maybe Fiat will resolve it.

The Uconnect 6.5 RA3 Touchscreen Radio shows SiriusXM (SXM) as being an included feature on the screen. The SiriusXM Settings screen shows UNKNOWN for the SiriusXM ID and indicates that the service can be enabled by calling (866) 635-2349. When the customer calls that number, which is SXM, they are told their radio does not have SXM. When contacting Fiat, they confirmed that the radio does not include SXM and they should contact their dealer if they have any issues.

Vehicles affected:
Fiat 500L's built on or before July 09, 2013 (See Fiat 500L Technical Service Bulletin - Satellite Radio Button Doesn't Work) that included Premier Package but did not include the "Plus Beats Audio / SiriusXM"

There appear to be two different models for the UConnect 6.5 RA3 (although I could not find any manuals or literature form Fiat or Uconnect stating this). The model without SXM is installed in cars with just the Premier Package and models with SXM are installed in cars that include the "Plus Beats Audio / SiriusXM" package. There only seems to be one model of antenna installed on the 500Ls so it does not appear that anything else is needed for SXM other than a radio that includes it. Whether the difference in models is just software or is hardware is unknown, but my guess is that there is SXM specific hardware as well.
Part # 5NE29MXHAA is the UConnect 6.5 RA3 without SXM
Part # 5PE21MXHAA is the UConnect 6.5 RA3 with SXM

Evidence implying that SiriusXM was included with all UConnect 6.5 RA3 radios and not just the one sold under the "Plus Beats Audio / SiriusXM" package:

UConnect 6.5 RA3 Radio
When the radio is turned on it shows AM, FM and SXM under the RADIO button as being available features. Under the SETTINGS their is a section for SXM that implys SXM is included and that it can be activated by calling the displayed phone number. Fiat has recently released a Fiat 500L Technical Service Bulletin - Satellite Radio Button Doesn't Work that instructs dealers to update the radio to 13.27.0 software level to remove Satellite soft key the Soft Touch SAT Button on radios that do not have SAT.

Vehicle Sticker
The vehicle sticker shows "Premier Package: Includes Radio with GPS Navigation System, RearView Back-up Camera, and ParkSense Rear Park Assist. Compliments of Fiat". Now it does not specifically mention SXM, but it does just say "Radio". It does not qualify this as AM/FM radio, but just states radio. Does "Radio" on the sticker imply AM,FM and SXM? Yes. Below is why.

Fiat 500L 2014 User Guide
The User Guide included with the car defines what "Radio" means. When you look at what is included with "Radio" on the Uconnect 6.5 RA3 you clearly see it is AM, FM and SXM.
Looking under the ELECTRONICS - IDENTIFYING YOUR RADIO section of the guide it only shows two different models of radio. They only show one version of the uConnect 6.5 RA3 radio that is the one installed in my vehicle. They do NOT mention that there are two versions of the uConnect 6.5 RA3 and that one does not include SXM. I could not find anywhere in the manual that states that there are two models of the Uconnect 6.5 RA3 radio and that only one includes SXM. Looking under the ELECTRONICS - Uconnect 6.5N section of the guide the photos and text show that the RADIO mode includes AM, FM and SXM. It also mentions the 12-month SXM trial subscription is included with the new vehicle purchase. I could not find anywhere that mentioned that SXM is optional with the Uconnect 6.5 radio.
The guide is included with car and can be downloaded at

Fiat 500L Brochure
Page 11 states "Take an even wider view with the available Uconnect 6.5 with a 6.5-inch ToUchscreen display. With it, the available SiriusXM® Satellite radio is accessible via voice command — along with AM/FM radio and the included GPS navigation with intuitive map graphics. ". I did not find anywhere that stated this was optional or only included with the Beats Audio package. It simply indicates that is is included with the Uconnect 6.5. It also indicates at the bottom that the SXM subscription is included.
Download at

Fiat 500L Welcome Brochure
Page 8 only indicates two models of radios and I could find anything mentioning SXM as being optional on the Uconnect 6.5. Page 9 states that "If you have a Fiat 500L, you are ready to enjoy you Sirius All-Access Package". It also states that the 12-month trial subscription is included with the new vehicle.
Download at

SiriusXM Brochure included with owner's manual in the car
The included brochure states 1-Year Trial subscription being included.

Uconnect website (
Shows only two models of radios (RA3 and the RA2). The Uconnect 6.5/RA3 shows SiriusXM Radio as being included. It also states, "INTEGRATED MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM with a vivid 6.5-inch touchscreen, Integrated Voice Command with Bluetooth® and SiriusXM® Premier." The footnote only states that the 12-month trial subscription is included with vehicle purchase.

Fiat Dealer New Inventory webpages
The webpage listing my car specifically stated under the ENTERTAINMENT FEATURES listing that my car included "AM/FM radio: SiriusXM". In fact every dealer's new inventory webpage that I went to showed similar 500Ls which only had the Premier Package and not the Beats Audio package as having "AM/FM radio: SiriusXM" under the ENTERTAINMENT FEATURES section of available features. Here are some examples as of 9/18/13 (links may change as inventory changes):

The Fiat Dealer
My dealer specifically told me that SiriusXM was included with my car and even scheduled an appointment with the service department for me to bring it back so that they could activate if for me. It wasn't until I brought it back that they even discovered the issue. The dealers were not well educated on which Uconnect 6.5 RA3 radios include SXM and which do not. I know some will say that since I signed a piece of paper saying nothing else was owed to me that there is nothing that can be done. I disagree with this since I did not believe anything was owed to me when I signed it because the sticker on my car stated it included the Uconnect 6.5 RA3 Radio and the dealer told me I had SXM, the radio itself indicated I had it and all of the information I read indicated SXM was included.

What is a resolution for this issue?

In my opinion, Fiat should replace the model 5NE29MXHAA UConnect 6.5 RA3 without SXM radio with the model 5PE21MXHAA UConnect 6.5 RA3 with SXM radio and include the 1 year Sirius All Access trial subscription for a customer who purchased a Fiat 500L built on or before July 09, 2013 and was led to believe that SXM was included.

What can you do if you are affected by this issue?:

1. Contact your dealer
I have spent over two months working with my dealer. They have been very apologetic and have stated they want to make things right but have yet to resolve the issue to my satisfaction. They did offer to install an aftermarket SXM radio and pay for 1 year subscription but I declined since it was not integrated into the Uconnect, required an external tuner to be mounted on my dash, would use the FM antennas input with less than ideal sound and would require additional antennas to be mounted on the roof of my car. I have since asked them to replace my unit with the 5PE21MXHAA but they have not responded back regarding this.

2. Contact Fiat
I tried several times and was basically told SXM is not included with my vehicle and if I have any issues I have to contact my dealer. I am very disappointed in Fiat/Chrysler's cavalier attitude in dismissing the issue.

3. File a complaint against your dealer with the Better Business Bureau (
Usually dealers will work hard to resolve the issue when a complaint is made, especially if they are a BBB Accredited Business. The BBB will help mediate the issue to some extent.

4. Contact the consumer reporters at your local TV news stations. Most TV news departments have a consumer reporter that will help solve these kinds of issues if they can do an on screen report on it. Go to your TV station website and look for a contact form and send in the details of your issue and see if they might be willing to do a report. I had one of the local stations in my area contact me that they are interested in my issue.

5. File a claim in Small Claims Court - search for legal aid in your state to find out how. The process is pretty simple

6. Contact a law firm that specializes in consumer Class Action Suits and see if they would be interested in taking up such a case. (


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Sep 19, 2013
It took about a month, but my issue with my 500L missing SiriusXM has been resolved. A representative from Chrysler/Fiat reached out to me directly and worked with the dealer to come up with a resolution that I was satisfied with. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to find Chrysler/Fiat and the dealer to be both very focused on customer satisfaction and in the end made things right. If anyone else has a similar situation to mine above, then I would recommend to continue to patiently work with your dealer and to reach out to Chrysler/Fiat to find a resolution that you are happy with.

Gary Dillingham

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Oct 13, 2013
GaryD I also had the same problem contacted Fiat contacted dealer and contacted BBB of NC. I basically got nowhere. The BBB complaint number is 457006 with the [email protected]. I"ve quit my dealer and the best Fiat would do is offer me four free oil changes.
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