Technical Selecta help please

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Technical Selecta help please


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Jan 13, 2019
Current issue in the selecta when shifting from R to D it makes a noise like shifting into a gear without clutch. Shifting from R to L is fine.
Clutch bites on the Microswitch as normal and does not creep in gear.
Starts to grind as button is realesed
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Ok so i found all the nuts on the shifter cable loose I guessed how to adjust the cable and its been good as gold .
If any one knows the correct procedure for adjustment I'd be intrested to double check my work
The Haynes manual (still have one, despite last Panda went in Jan 2000) says this:

1. Remove selector knob and upper part of selector console.

2. Remove the circlip and disconnect the cable from the base of the lever. Move the lever to 'L' position.

3. Move the selector arm on the transmission to the 'L' position.

4. It should be possible to reconnect the cable without slack or strain. If not, adjust it as necessary.

5. Refit everything. (My paraphrasing)

6. Check can only start in P or N. If necessary, adjust the switch. (That would mean taking it all apart again.)

7. Road test and check operation in all gear positions.