Technical Seicento 1.1 MPI saga - car won't start

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Technical Seicento 1.1 MPI saga - car won't start


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May 21, 2023
My younger son purchased 2001 Seicento in October last year. After the purchase we changed ignition leads and all 4 spark plugs and at some point after purchase car went to the garage where cambelt, water pump and idler pulley were replaced just in case. All was fine with engine until the beginning of this year when car started going rough on idle as well as losing power and showing intermittent 'check engine' light. Some month ago car refused to start in the morning.

We changed both ignition coils - car won't start
We changed crankshaft sensor - car won't start
We bought the plug-and-play IAW 59F.M7 ECU - car won't start.
We checked the fuel pump under the bench - it provides the fuel (haven't checked it in engine compartment by removing the fuel hose as we don't have a tool to unclip it but plugs seem to be wet and smell with fuel when removed)
I'm not sure if the cambelt did not jump the tooth or two hence we removed it and put it back lining the timing marks on both the crankshaft and camshaft with relevant marks on engine block (the cambelt has 2 marks too which we aligned with timing points) - car still won't start
We as well checked 3 x fuses just beside ECU - all fine. But there are 2 relays there - could they be faulty?

I have tried to measure the voltages in 3-pin connectors of crankshaft/TDC sensor as well as camshaft sensor and I think the results are somehow strange to me.
The TDC connector has ground, 1.5V and 2.5V (I was expecting ground, 12V and timing signal)
The camshaft sensor connector has ground , 5V and 5V (I was expecting ground, 12V and timing signal)
Are the above voltages OK? How to check both sensors with multimeter?

I as well purchased this ODB dongle and installed Torque Lite on my smartphone. There were some 4 or 5 DTCs initially which I cleared thinking it will resolve the issue but forgot to note them down. Now there is no DTC codes appear (using both original and replacement ECU) even if I crank with TDC or camshaft sensors disconnected which I think is strange.

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Any ideas what else we could check?
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behind ecu there there is two fuses,i know from an spi car also 2 small relays there, had one not long back doing same thing was a 23 year old relay that had given up,not too sure of placement of this on a mpi seicento
Thanks @Sir16v
I have actually checked fuses there (there are 3 in MPI) and all are fine but not sure about 2 relays there so ordered new relays (as well as camshaft sensor). Will fit over the weekend (hopefully I will get them tomorrow or Sat the latest) and see if they help.