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Technical Seat padding replacement

Jul 28, 2018
Hi guys, my driver side seat bottom part has seen better days - I found a pile of foam under it and I can feel the metal wires inside.
I got an idea - take a padding from passenger seat (they are usually less worn) and put it there. Only issue I see, they have different numbers in ePER. So I wanted to ask if somebody done this? Does it fit the driver seat?
In the picture it look symetrical.


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Does your vehicle have Airbags and seat sensors, if so be very careful not to affect that, as the sensor is secured up through the underside of the foam.
I had to strip my daughters passenger seat to fit a sensor on her 2012 Punto Evo as many error codes displayed, after which I needed "proxi alignment" etc.
Once battery disconnected, airbag wiring etc to seat undone (after letting safe interval for discharge of airbag mechanism), unbolt seat from car, then just a case of flipping it over on a dustbin or similar and undoing the retaining clips detaching seat sensor carefully, fitting new foam and reassemble.:)