Technical Schumacher Restoration: Cambelt and Waterpump Replacement - OEM? Upgrade?

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Technical Schumacher Restoration: Cambelt and Waterpump Replacement - OEM? Upgrade?


Dec 11, 2022
Hi All,

I'm now the proud owner of a Schumacher (not a GP but a step in the right direction nevertheless ;)).

The car has been neglected for the past 6 years being sat in the corner of a workshop indoors for 5 years and outside for the majority of 2022.

I obviously haven't attempted to turn the car over on it's current cambelt, and I'm looking at doing the cambelt, water pump and aux belt all in one go.

Any advice? Hints, tips etc? I've got a cam locking kit so that should be OK but haven't managed to find a crank locking kit so curious to know how people have got on with these. Should I be going OEM with all the parts, are there better replacements out there? I heard OEM water pumps have a plastic impeller which frequently goes kaput, and that a replacement with a brass impeller is available, but can't find one anywhere, so any help sourcing that would be good.

Is there also anything else *major* that you would recommend doing? I've got a list, hopefully in this order:

- Cambelt
- Water Pump
- Aux belt
- Oil change + filter
- Coolant flush and change.
- Spark plug replacement
- Gearbox flush and change oil
- Fuel and Air Filter, flush and replace fuel.
- Brakes (check and replace if necessary)
- Suspension (check and replace if necessary)

Any other suggestions, tips etc would be much appreciated. I'm the only non-mechanic in a family of mechanics so I'm sure I'll muddle along with some help :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:


Hello. I'm not familiar with the Stilo, nice looking car though. I spent the earlier part of my working life earning my living on the shop floor and then continued on a "serious hobby" basis to this day, looking after all the family cars. We fitted Gates products in our workshop and I've found them to be very reliable. To this day I prefer this brand and buy their complete "all in one" kits whenever I'm doing a belt. However I have to say that I think any of the "big names" would probably be just as good and you could buy with confidence. OEM parts? Although labeled FIAT/ALFA The vehicle manufacturer will not be making these belts themselves so I don't see an advantage in buying from the main dealer just to get a manufacturer labeled item? Glad to see you are doing the water pump too, I always do where it's part of the timing belt drive train and renewing the aux (fan) belt at the same time's just a no brainer.

I know this is a hotly argued subject, but I don't like using engine oil flush products, especially where you might suspect that there is a heavy build up of sludge/contaminant. I'd rather that it just stays tucked away in the corners where it's probably solidified very nicely and doing no harm to the likes of strainers, restrictor jets, etc. By all means use a good quality oil which, these days will have a goodly dose of detergent in it, which will gently and slowly dissolve some of the gunge and change it more often than normal. However I'm well aware that others will disagree with me and who's to say they are wrong? How do you intend to flush the gearbox and why do you think it's needed?

Changing all the fluids is a great idea. Obviously you're doing engine and gearbox oil and coolant but don't forget to renew the brake fluid (I see you saying you're going to check the brakes but you don't mention the fluid - sorry if you were doing it anyway. Do be careful not to fully depress the pedal when bleeding as running the piston/seals more deeply into the bore of the master cylinder than it normally would during daily driving can result in damage to seals and a new cylinder being needed as a result.

Sounds like you've got lots of people to advise you though, hope you have somewhere nice, warm and dry to work in and that you enjoy yourself doing it! Don't forget to let us know how you get on and post some pictures if you can.

Kind regards
You don't need a locking kit. You can mark the crank and camwheels with paint or a centre punch, but on mine (2.4) the inlet cam didn't spin when the belt pressure was off, they both just sat there happy as larry. A Gates full timing belt kit with water pump was already ordered, but there was no play on the existing pump so I left it alone. Otherwise it's very much the same as any other 'old' car, with maybe the electrics more temperamental than most.