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Jun 4, 2005
Hey Chaps would it be possible to beg steal or borrow a back shelf off of some1, preferably lancashire ish. Went round a few scrappies today, with no seis or cinq s and fiat want an arm and a leg for one.

Cheers fellas
haha ur gonna laugh now, i left it in makro in eccles (Manc) when i got my new seats on sat, remembered after i joined the m60 that id leant it against a trolley bay (with my 6x9s in) whizzed back and low and behold it had gone.....

so im shelfless at the moment, so if someone has one id be willing to pay a few quid for one, or if your local and would like the macko seats i can meet u and take ya in as a guest, either eccles or preston.
black seicento said:
why not make one out of a bit of wood, ive got a home made one with my speakers in (y)
may have to, trying to avoid at the mo.
Think my mate bought a set of them seats from that makro didnt get to see em out of the box though ended up selling them coz the wouldn't fit in his car :confused: apparently really good for the price if they are the same ones that is.