General Cinquecento/seicento car parts request

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General Cinquecento/seicento car parts request

Any idea on a light pod for a seicento? Or cinquecento. I know there are no official ones but would like to be able to source a made up one or at leasr the schematics for one. Thank you Screenshot_20190605-233246_Chrome.jpeg
Brand new ready to be painted... you will need to make holes to the bonnet...
Hi All - Am after a Seicento MPI head (for a 2003 model) - recon or in very good condition (don't want to do it twice :)) - thanks
Might be a bit too soon asking for help/advice but here goes anyway! Am after some seat covers for the Cinquecento I've just got. The driver's side bolster is worn through. Have seen some covers on which seem pretty good & would keep me going until I got a permanent solution... based on Fiat design....but they tell me they only deliver within Italy. Any ideas for way round it... have tried my only personal Italian contact but no joy there. Tried to post links & photos but have a feeling that's not worked either
Hi Lukmek. I am from Malta. Do you think I can find just the plastic fan for a Seicento? I got it secondhand and I think someone put a bigger fan. I had a cinquecento and the fan was smaller. I think it has to be about 250 mm diameter. Can you help me?
lukmek I'm looking for Cinquecento Sporting wiper arms - I spotted some second hand from a scrapyard in Germany on ebay but hoping you can do much better :)

Part codes (from UK Fiat dealer, Thames, for a RHD car) are
  1. Nearside: 7728300
  2. Offside: 7728299