Red Punto Bumper Fading!

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Red Punto Bumper Fading!


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Aug 22, 2006
Hi Everyone! (y)

I have a problem with the rear bumper on my Mk2 2002 Fiat Punto, It is red and fading pretty bad, the rest of the car is ok but so the bumper really stands out.. has anyone got any ideas?

I have tried Meguiars Paint Cleaner, Polish and Wax and Meguiars Plastix and AutoGlym Bumper Cleaner but nothing seems to work. :bang:

Help! :confused:

Thanks :)

Plastics always fade on red cars, often the lacquer is poor and on yours probably non existant, this means the sun bleaches the paint. Don't use plastic treatment, treat the bumper, being colour coded in the same way as body work.

The top layer of paint has faded/bleached therefore you need to remove the top coat to expose a shiny coat underneath. Polishes are not abrasive enough. Use a rubbing compound, Farecla G3 or even T,cut. Don't worry the rubbing compound will only remove the thinnest layer..

use a damp cloth and rub the bumper a small section at a time as is hard work. Then use a dry cloth to buff up. Then move to the next section.

Once done you should see a difference ;) now use your Meguiars or whatever car polish and apply 3 coats. I suggest you polish the rear bumper every other week otherwise it will fade again.

Hope this helps.
Ah! Thanks for the reply! I will give it a go soon as the sun comes out one weekend.. I will let you know how I get on..

Cheers (y)