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Mar 19, 2002
United Kingdom.
hi all,
I have a yellow cinq abarth with wait for it "no red key" aghhhhhhhh!
I was going to ask FIAT if they can copy me a new key but as i just read another mail about it costing big doller can anyone give me some good news. Please..............

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I did a search on google and found a couple of sites that might help you out.

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I'm looking into this and will post result for future reference.
Members of this group and clubcento have been very helpfull. It went from £800 for a new red one and £300 for a blue to £25 for a blue and £250 for a red. Think i'll just get a couple of blues to be safe.
Thanks again.

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cinq sporting abarth.
Broom yellow.
helpppppppppp ive bought a brava ,and yeah u guessed it no red key arghhhhh ,ive been quoted by a fiat garage £800 for new key and new ecu ,anyone got any better ideas or at least cheaper ones please :)jonsey
my sei had no red key and only one blue key as it was brought in finance, and they failed repayments, so car was taken back :D and i snapped it up.
just get the red key disabled at a dealer. I keep meaning to get a blue key cut. just be careful with the one you have for now hehe


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Most of this is specific to cinq/sei, but blues can be cloned and new reds made up. I understand Timpsons (amongst others) can make blues from reds for about £20 - but you'd have to ask about blues from blues, apparently that's a bit hit n'miss with their systems.

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Simon - who quoted u £250 for a red - cos that is a really good price

to get a red one created u need a new lock fit (approx £30) ECU £270 x2 as u need 2 of these, plus labour costs (£69 an hr) & VAT - it adds up to roughly over £700... B()ll()CKS!

<blockquote id="quote"> face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote">Originally posted by CentoEvo
2 ECU's ????
Are you sure

It were proper Bo i tell thee!!​
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Yeah!? oh, unless it's 1 for the injection stuff and 1 for the immobiliser gizmos[?]

Is adrenaline brown?
I have a full set of locks, 1x red key and 2x blue keys, plus the ecu from puug, looks like they could be worth something :D

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