Technical Red Key Issues - T Reg Punto.

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Technical Red Key Issues - T Reg Punto.


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Dec 26, 2005
Purchased a T reg punto today as my first car but didnt come with the 'Red key' or a spare key. The punto is 'Punto 60 Team' if that means anything.

What do you guys suggest i do ? Do i need to purchase a spare, or even a red key ?

One other thing , i have to fit a radio as it didnt come with one, will the red key effect an installation of a radio ? Thanks guys.
How much does it cost to get a copy of the keys. I have 2 keys, but they are for each of the 2 doors, as one of the doors is a newer door, therefore i will have to get both keys copied i presume.
Basically the guy said the passanger door was replaced, and has a different lock, henc different key, so im presuming he has never had a red key in the first place.

So yeh il have to get both replaced, how much will this cost ?
So you mean the driver door £25, and the passenger door £5 ?
OK Cool, can you recomend anywhere ? I live in BRISTOL.

What exactly do i search for , key cutting shop wise, to find out if they do cars?