Recommendation for a super bright torch?

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Recommendation for a super bright torch?


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Nov 18, 2009
Not really sure where to put this in the forum , this seemed a good a place as any. Looking to get a super bright torch for when i'm working on my car, only have rubbish bulb ones which are dull, or those more useless led torches which shine blue and are also really dim! Someone mentioned there are some (expensive) excellent super bright torches mechanics recommend but i'm not sure what they are called.
Your not on about flash light torches then?

If you want decent light output I'd recomend LED Lenser.

Or if you want the above performance with lower cost,

Takes a few weeks to get here, but well worth the wait! And the brightness is something else. Blind someone with their eyes shut (and I'm not joking!). Comes under the laser act for comercial use! But ok Domestically.
Ok, going to show my geekiness here a little, but head over to CandlePowerForums for the absolute best flashlight advice. With regard to LEDs, forget the dim, blue-tinted rubbish we had years ago, the latest Cree neutral-white emitters are every bit as good as their incandescent counterparts but with a shed-load more battery life.

If you want stupidly bright yet tiny and rechargeable semi-custom UK-made flashlight, go to Lummi. I own three of their flashlights and they are just awesome. Just check with Rob that things are in stock before ordering though since he doesn't have the most reliable of suppliers.

Also check out Fenix if you want a nice, but not as expensive LED torch.