General rear lights cups, in broom yellow?

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General rear lights cups, in broom yellow?

dante giacosa

Jan 2, 2011
Going North on the A9...
Hello Team,

does anyone have a set of gash Coupe rear light-cups they'd be prepared to part with..???

Ideally, I need the driver's side upper cup (and lower also if possible), and if they were broom yellow; that would be ace! Although that's not critical.

I actually don't need the lights themselves; just the bodywork-cups which hold them...



You could try Partsworld. I got all 4 from them a year or so ago. Obviously they won’t be painted though!
Thanks Palio,

As it happens; just yesterday, the solution arrived from eBay….


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Thanks Palio,

As it happens; just yesterday, the solution arrived from eBay….
Great news. Can I ask a question? I was told the originals are bonded into the panel - is that right from what you can see? My originals are corroding (as they all do) and I was going to ask a bodywork place to fit and spray the new ones - he won't know how they are fixed though & it would be useful to know how to remove them!
Hey Palio-

Too right they are! (Bonded)

The whole thing was a bit of a mission; and I had good access, as they are off the car- I’m not sure how easy it will be with them in position, as obviously the far side is against the outer panel.

Fascinatingly, they appear to have been painted prior to mounting, just like the panel, which has paint under the bonding.
It must have been too complicated a shape for the robots to paint (along with the affects of gravity in position) for the paint to take.

They appear to be cast aluminium.

Here are a couple of indicative shots.
I was pretty apprehensive about this process and so actually videoed the whole thing from start to finish on my phone as three short videos, so I could remember exactly how long it took (with regard to heat damaging the parts).

If you like, PM me your number, and I’ll WhatsApp you the videos…


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