R.I.P lil uno

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R.I.P lil uno

Oct 11, 2003
buxton the land that time
well another lil uno has gone to teh great car crushers in the sky :( tonight my dad got rid of his 1.1 k reg uno. it had served as good workhorse for the last few years. doing loads of miles carrying things around like concrete slabs large bags of sand, lawnmowers. in its time it was reversed into by a truck hit up the back by a van . but she kept on going :D eventually she was just to old. both front doors rotted away at bottom. door handle ripped out in frost. breaks bindin on. zaust gone, multiple oil leaks, rear wiper motor busted. rear demister not working. radio stolen by thieves. but still this lil car started and went ( sometimes reluctantly) everyday.but with mot due she had to go. we dropped her off at a m8 of his tonight who was taking to his scrappy tomorrow. the pic attahced is the last sight i saw of it tonight as it was about to be towed away. the pics kinda messed up and blurry but that kinda reminds me of the car :D teehee all hale the mighty uno.


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its up there somewhere rattling round :D

R.I.P little Uno, we salute you :cry: