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It turns the ASR (Anti-Slip regulation) system on/off (should also say so in the info display).
It does not turn the ESP (if your car has it) on/off, ESP is always on.
is it best to have it on or off then? just pressed it too! ;)
That depends.
Mine is always on, especially this time of year.
You have no idea how easy it is to spin the wheels with 370nm of torque, when there is ice/snow on the road :D
best keep mine on then :) is there a time you need to turn it off though?
I keep mine on in the winter months, but in the summer, it tends to come off for extra fun :D

It even says in the manuel to turn it off for 'more brilliant acceleration' (y)

When I was doing 0-60 times with Nige, I had it turned off - nailing the selespeed from standstill kind of left about 4k worth of rubber on the road :eek:
so with it off she should go a bit quicker? cool, is it dangerous though? - whats the risks, if any!?
Turns the ASR (Anti Skid Regime - more than just traction control supposedly more like a limited slip diff and then some) off... means you have to concentrate on take off as no computer to throttle the engine back or brake any of the wheels in case of skidding/sliding. You can switch it off but it automatically comes back on the next time you re-start the engine (default setting is on). Turning it off all the time, with the Stilo's wonky back end, should assit you greatly in your quest to befriend a tyre dealer :D
ASR is Anti Slip Regulation, as already stated earlier in this thread, not Regime ;)

No risks turning it off :spin: just be careful; you still got ESP in any case....
Hmmm... has been a while since I read the handbook :eek: ASR does try hard to keep you on the road and going in the direction you wanna go. Tried it recently in the snow and ice (on purpose) by flooring accelerator whilst turning left into the business park where I work to find car will just run gently wide rather than get all bent out of shape (bent out of shape is reserved for braking hard on snow/ice with ABS :eek: )
ASR is best turned-off when pulling away on ice/ snow, and using the throttle to modulate inputs.

If you have ASR turned on and neither wheel can get traction, the car just won't go anywhere as it will be looking for non-existant grip!

As soon as you have traction, then turn the ASR back on (y)
The manual does say to turn it off during snow conditions as well.
Although ive left it on and tried flooring it, and it just cuts the power, but I think they say to turn it off for safety, as if the system finds traction when your doing that, its going to put the power back on and fly off