Technical Punto smells of burning plastic from exhaust

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Technical Punto smells of burning plastic from exhaust


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Feb 28, 2006

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I have a 2002 1.2 8v Punto Active Sport with 36'000 on the clock. Recently I've noticed that after using it, I can smell burning plastic for a short few seconds after getting out. It appears to be coming from the exhaust/rear passanger area. Anyone know what its likely to be? :confused:

Also, about the same time, I've noticed i'm getting an average mpg of 37mpg. I'm sure this should be at least 44mpg. I suspect a dodgy battery as i dont think its ever been changed since new. Also I think the oil change may be overdue as it was last done 6k ago. Anyone know what the problem could be? :bang:
actually... i looked under the wheel arch and there was mud there, in weird patterns. thats that mystery solved. I'll take it donw the jet wash tomorrow and see if it does the trick.
its the exhaust you want to jetwash not the mudguards and inner wheel arch (although clean under there anyway to prevent rot), look under the front of your car, is there a small birds nest accumulating on the joiint between front pipe and cat pipe? Mine always gets a good nest going, need to jack car up to get under and pull it off then wash it:rolleyes: