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Technical Punto running on two cylinders


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Feb 27, 2006
Can anybody can help with a problem i have with my 2001 Mk2? Basically i drove over a speed bump on the weekend, the engine management light came on and the car is now only firing on two cylinders. I've been told that there is a common fault with the coil packs, i bought a new one and tried that without luck, and there is no problem with the HT leads either. I was thinking that perhaps a lead may have disconnected from the ECU when i went over the bump bu thave no idea where the ECU is to check!!, any ideas?

thank you
sorry! should have checked the other posts first and would have got my answer! doh!
Seems as i have followed all steps suggested, and fitted a new coil on the side which isn't working it would seem that it is most likely that i will need a new ECU!!! great!!
does anybody think it's a good idea to stil pay the £60 the main dealer wants to do a computer diagnostic test or just go straight for a new ECU?
cheers for the reply, two of the mobile diagnostic companies i have spoken to over the phone have told me its quite a common fault for the coil packs to fail! Have tried everything in that thread, even fitted a new coil pack to the offending side, so i'm pretty sure now that its going to be a new ECU!

Thanks, James
DanGil said:
I take it you'll be refunding him for the money he spent on a new coil pack because of that guide(y)

Never read the guide correctly then.

How can a coil be faulty if it is not recieving the correctly supply/trigger?
People often go for the cheapest part in the hope of a quick cure,i'm not saying 'jamesdavey' did this but was it checked with the correct equipment/method,how was the neg trigger tested?

The guide states ...

'On the other terminal(again engine running)you should have a negative(12V-)trigger/pulse,you can test this by putting the test light clip onto the 'positive' battery post(thus it will light up when earthed)& the bulb should flicker very fast & 'uniform',if it does(& the plugs/leads are OK)then you need a coil'

....along with the 12v+ supply at other terminal & no spark at leads/plugs this is the only situation in which a coil is required.

This obviously is correct as the ECU was not giving out a negative pulse thus coil is ok & ECU is faulty.

As per this post...( why he ordered coils aswell I have no idea but as he stated 'playing it safe' even though he proved beyond all doubt the ECU was faulty! However at that price I suppose he could well afford the extra £40.
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er it was a joke mate, note the sarcasm and big smiley at the end, no need for an essay lol.
Thanks to T14086 supplying the thread for testing ECU for -12v pulse I proved the ECU faulty. He did'nt advise buying new coil pack--the supplier ATP did (they would anyway!). I probably paid OTT , but the jobs done!
Old coils do TOK with megger. By the way Danjil where is a cheaper source?
jobow said:
Thanks to T14086 supplying the thread for testing ECU for -12v pulse I proved the ECU faulty. He did'nt advise buying new coil pack--the supplier ATP did (they would anyway!). I probably paid OTT , but the jobs done!
Old coils do TOK with megger. By the way Danjil where is a cheaper source?

Fiat, theres a software update for most 8v ecu's as the chap above has said. I'll reiterate again it was a joke lol,

p.s. Dangil not Danjil?
Ok i admit it and put on the dunce cap in response to why i went gung ho and bought a new coil, because....... i know sweet FA about mechanics!!
The recovery bloke told me my problem probably lay with the coil, so i got a new one, and got a mate to help me fit it!! Only then did i find this Forum, and in turn realise that perhaps i should leave it to the pro's!!! Therefore, my punto is now sitting on the forecourt of my local Fiat dealer, and i don't expect it back until it doesn't sound like a sherman tank!
On a serious note if anyone knows for sure that there was an ECU related recall on 8v's, any information would be appreciated, perhaps i could follow this up with the main dealers?

Thank you.

As for the donation, if anybody is looking for a 'slightly dodgy' ECU for an 8v Punto just let me know!! ;) :idea:
It was a recall update for the ecu software drivers...ecu's could still fail afterwards so no chance of Fiat footing the bill (on the hand I know of many puntos 4/5 years old that have never had a problem not even a airbag light on(the chosen few;) )...VW & Ford are the same so it's not just Fiat that this applies to,infact I honestly lost count of the amount of ford ecu updates!

You didn't pay over the top Jobow,dealers charge £245 for ecu alone so you done well & got coils into the bargain.
Oh & on that note I shall bid farewell:) Increasing workload & a ever growing family means no free time anymore & I know where my priorities lay.

If I can help someone with a Fiat related problem then I can be contacted on;

[email protected]

Dont expect a immediate response but if you have a long standing problem & I can find time i'll do what I can to help;)

Might pop in on the rare occasion if I get the time to defend Fiat,dealers & especially technicians (wouldn't be like me;) ) in meantime drive safely(y)
Well, all told the ******* thing cost £390 for Fiat to diagnose the problem and for them to fit me a nice new reconditioned ECU!! So if you do have this problem, my advice is look at the link on this site and fix it yourself, and in reply to those who have asked whether £250 for a new ECU and two new coils is expensive, try £245 + VAT for a reconditioned ECU!!
Now it's just the clicking doors, imminent cam belt change, and ominous looking leak from the head gasket to contend with!!! :bang:

Does anybody know how much it costs or is it possible to recondition my old faulty ECU?