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General Punto on top of europe

Was rather surprised to see the Clio only 2000 units behind it though, then again, I suppose it's just been relaunched too.

And, notice that they're counting Punto & Grande Punto sales? I wonder how long the regular Punto will keep going before its no longer being sold.
they reckon its being sold for another 6 months i think, at least thats what ive heard. I cant see that theyd sell much with the grande punto not costing much more than it and having more kit and in my opinion better looks :cool:
Are Fiat going to replace the mk2.5 Punto with a car of a similar size, they could call it the Petite Punto :p hahahaa. There's a fair difference in terms of size between the Panda and Grande Punto. The old Punto is an ideal size for me.