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General Punto not Engaging gear


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Sep 4, 2007
Hi guys new to this forum hope you could help me with a problem

ok got a 96 punto basic 1.2 i suspect ( car is actually a friends )

the clutch pedal is very light and with only 40k on clock i dont think its the clutch. It never been driven hard in its life.

according to my friend there was fluid lying on ground at passengers side front wing.

i have looked at what i think is the clutch cable and there is no sign of damage.

The car was parked up fine at night and it was fine went to the car next day and it just wouldnt select gear.

any help would be great as i have not a clue about Fiats.
Check the gearbox oil. if its empty, could be causing your prob.
well i dont know baout mk1 punto but i know mk2 have hydraulic clutchs no cables just fluid. as you spotted a fluid leak i wonder if that car is teh same ?

Na there is fluid everywhere about gearbox not oil though i think that it is hydraulic will check with fiat.