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Technical Punto jtd elx


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Jan 12, 2006
hi, im new here, sorry for asking typical newbie questions.

im geting punto jtd elx, its a late 2001 with 41000 on the clock.

A few questions

How often do in need to drop the oil, every 6K?

Whens the timing belt due?

Any common problems i need to look out for?
ive done 45k miles in my 2001 jtd in the last 20 months, so i'm in quite a good position to help. 1) oil changes supposed to be every 12k, i do mine at 8k. 2) cambelt at 77k, I had mine done at 50k 3) it's been pretty reliable, check wiper linkage out, as the original bushes are crap (all punto's not just JTD), the linkage can drop apart, uprated ones are available (see elsewhere on the forum) Clutch can be a little weak, though if it's not been chipped/remapped, it should be fine. Generally a tough little car, trim is cheap inside compared to previous cars, but is reasonably solid and rattle free. I have a 30 mile drive to work, and if you use the trip computer and drive sensibly, you can get 65mpg at mway speeds. the jtd is nicer to drive than the petrol ones (from the courtesy cars ive had) , the petrol ones are a little quieter, but the jtd has far more torque. They are awkward to change you own oil on, having a plastic undertray though, I'm lucky in being able to use a freinds ramp when it is oil change time. My local main dealer's workshop know what they are doing, but are silly money,so i do what I can myself. There is also a LOT of hidden performance in the JTD engine............... Hope this helps
The Cambelt should be done every 72,000 miles or 5 years (whichever is sooner, so yours is now due), however, it's wise to get it changed early and I had mine done at 60,000 miles/ 3 years. Mine got serviced every 12,000 miles with no problems attributable to this.

Only problems I had with mine was the fuel pump going, which may have been down to me regularly running the car almost-out of fuel thus sending 'scum' through the pump. Second fault was the fuel-tank breather pipe shaffing on the wheelarch and splitting. Both done under warranty.

The big problem with the JTD is main-dealer servicing wipes-out the economy benefits. However, the performance makes all-comparable petrol-engined Punto's redundant :yum: