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General Punto Help !! Please

Jan 24, 2006

I am looking for a new car and was thinking of a Punto, I have read a few threads and understood what sort of models are good. So I am looking for an SX and an ELX preferebly but would consider an S

I want a nippy Punto (can you get bigger than a 1.2 16v model?), with less than 80,000 miles, P Reg or newer and within £1100

Please help:cool: :rolleyes: (y)
Hi a 1.2 8v or 16v would be ample, certainly nippy compared to most cars!

1100 should easily get you a good 98 r/s reg punto 60, get an SX tho, and get a good one!

a 16v would be nice, but 1100 would be tight to get a decent one!

Thanks, so what does the SX come with?

Also when it says like 55SX or 60 SX for example, what does it mean?

Please help

Many Thanks:cool: :rolleyes: (y)
55 60 is the engine output measured in BHP (brake horse power)

SX has electric windows, central locking, painted bumpers (on a 60) front fogs, better trim, temp and rev gauge.

Power steering is super impossibly rare, so dont build your hopes up, however a punto in good order with correct suspension set up is nice and light to drive.

Only group 3-4 on the insurance and nice and cheap to maintain!
Thanks alot mate, hopefully i will be abke to buy one over the weekend for around £1100, because I want to put a nice set of alloys on it and install a nice cd player for an extra £500

I have got 3 puntos in my local paper that I am very interested in, the better says 'punto 1.2 16v, t reg, 1999,, remote locking, sunroof etc' and another says

'punto r reg, 1.2 16v SX electrics etc', but is there a way I can know what bhp each of them are? like does every 1.2 16v have a set bhp?

Pleas help

Many Thanks:cool: :rolleyes: (y)
1.2 16v is 85 bhp
1.2 8v spi (60 model) is 60.

the 1.2 16v is alot quicker and a better engine (go on stone me, but thats my opinion) although insurance is dearer, maintence is similar but make sure the belt and tensioner is recnet as there NOT a safe engine!
What speedwise could you comapre a 1.2 16v to? What is the speeds do they crusie at and other details etc please - does the 1.2 16v SX come with fog lights, rev counter, electrics, central locking etc?

What insurance group is a 1.2 16v do you think?

please help

Many Thanks:cool: :rolleyes: (y)