Styling Punto Gear Knob

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Styling Punto Gear Knob


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Mar 25, 2002
United Kingdom.
I am trying to remove the original Fiat Punto Gear Knob to fit a new one but
it just wont budge! Is there a way to remove this? Is it glued on ?
yeah its a **** to get off...the orginal knobs are bonded on..they do come off with help of a hacksaw..time and patience is what is will come off in pieces...

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Its not bonded on, the original gear knob has a plastic collect inside which grips the an indent on the stick. You don't have much of a chance pulling it off, you could cut the knob off or even cut the stick down.
what year punto is it?

pop the little pea cosies on...highly effective
Hold on a sec, i've had the same problem getting the gear knob off. Here's a better method...
Granted the car looks better with a lower stick, but if you want to refrain from slicing your car to peices, then try this.

1. Remove the gaiter and gear surround, simply by pulling underneath the lip at the bottom, don't worry it won't snap...

2. Next, pull off that little rubber ring that holds the gaiter to the shaft, it just unclips at the front, trust me...

3. Take a hammer, and gently swipe at the knob underneath it, it will loosen up, and you can just pull it off, again, don't worry, nothing will snap away.

Give it a go.

Dan (y)