Styling punto door sills

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Styling punto door sills


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Sep 28, 2007
is anyone aware of where i could get some door sills fdor my fiat punto 3dr?
Buy the original fiat ones my friend,


strip 2.jpg
Yeah i have seen that link thanks.
I just wanted to see a photo of them on someones car so it ant any sort of airbrushed picture. So thing look worse in person so could someone upload a inuse shot if that is posible.
I've been thinking about putting some mud flaps on. Have you got any pictures of yours? And also are they easy to fit?

had mine fitted for a while. available from the dealer. Mine are completely black and had a raised punto logo, painted it orange 2 match the car. Ill get some pics tomorrow!

Easiest thing to fit! The is one screw on each, from underneath, and they wedge in between the bodywork on the side! Very neat! just be careful reversing close to kerbs!
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just saw some 5 door sills on a websie half price for £30,

are the front doors on the 3 door a different size from the 5 door? or hence are the sills for the 3 and 5 door pack different sizes for the front? or can i just sling the back 2 sills in the bin?