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Proof of production date


Jun 30, 2013
Hello all.

How can one obtain a written statement from Fiat confirming a manufacturing date for a given vehicle?

I've ended up in a situation where our vehicle clearly is manufactured way earlier than the logbook says. The logbook says it is a 1995 model year, but I have found online that the actual production date is 28th of September 1992 - as model year 1993.

I want to get the car reclassified as a historic vehicle in order to get reduced insurance premium and lower road tax. But in order to get this approved, I need an official Fiat statement confirming the date of manufacture.

I've had a word around here and there, but so far I haven't found anyone who knows how to go about this.

Any suggestions?

The vehicle is a Fiat Ducato chassis with a FFB Tabbert motorhome build on it.

Many thanks.

As you're in norway, I'd suggest searching online for contact details for the Fiat head office in Norway. Then drop them an Email

I don't speak Norwegian but seems to be the main website for Fiat in Norway so search around the site for a way to contact them.

Probably the basic truck that underpins the camper was built in 1992, but it sat around for a long time while it was being built into a camper then was registered a lot later.
What is the VIN chassis number?

Your local Fiat Motor Club may be able to help you.

The FiatMotorClubGB has a dating service - "The club can help confirm the build dates for imported cars & those with registration issues ....."

If not a club member there is a charge for this service. Suggest you try contacting (read below to decode) Email [email protected]


Ask if they are able to help. I've never used the service but as they cover imported vehicles then they may be able to help.

Also I gues you may have two build dates. 1=original ducato chassis factory build and 2=custom A class coach built and final registration
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