Technical Private Or Fiat Approved bodyshop

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Technical Private Or Fiat Approved bodyshop

Mar 2, 2005
i have bumped my little sei and the boot is all dinted there is a small crack inside, and smaill deep dints on the ouside and the paint is danaged too. i am paying for it out off my own pocket but i will pay more for a better job, which would be better at sorting its out, a private bodyshop, or fiat approved?
A private bodyshop would still have to be on par with a Fiat one, and would probably be a lot cheaper. Ask about for other peoples recommendations, the bodyshop that did my work was a little 'one man band' and he got suggested to my dad by word of mouth in the pub. Ring about and get some quotes, then see what Fiat want (y)
Just find a good one - it doesn't matter if its Fiat approved or not (unless there's a chance that it might muck up your warranty by not getting any work done by Fiat themselves) :)
I agree with the sentiments of what Ian (lambert82) said.

Find a bodyshop other than fiat :)
Fiat Fan said:
yer iv for a private guy to do it he seem pritty good, fiat wanted £620 and he wants no more than £100 if i can get a new tailgate (y)

Scrapyard or ebay it is then :D