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Former 999cc CLX Owner
Mar 13, 2006
Put a tenners worth of Shell V-Power in yesterday, not expecting much improvement on the 44bhp (999c, 5 speed).

The tank was all but empty, pretty much straight away i think the power delivery at lower revs was smoother and possibly a bit faster mid range.

Anyone else tried it with similar results?
Run mine on everything from Benzin 91, regular 95 and supposedly Super, optimal.. premium whatever.. 97 98 and 99.. Can't say I ever noticed any difference in the panda..
I joke all the time about putting vpower in mine...perhaps it is worth the try :D Just sooo damn expensive!! :(

Ive got to fill mine up today, may aswell splash out and give it a go before going up to swansea! I'll let you know the results... Any likely hood of it giving better MPG seeing as i might not have to use the right foot so much? :eek:

I'm back on 95 octane now and it was without a doubt running smoother on 98/99 octane (vpower). Makes the car nicer to drive but not sure its worth 5p per litre more
Well I had a look at that Haynes technical data that Alan posted here and it gave 98 RON for my reg. 4x4 as opposed to 95 RON for most others. This may be one reason why I have had pinking in the past, especially on long uphill stretches on motorways. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the timing. It's expensive and the 4x4 is not as economical as the 2x4 but it's worth it to me as I do fewer miles in that car.
The panda engine really doesn't have enough compression to benefit from the extra octane in those fuels. They will run fine on anything with ron 90 or higher. The fuel is designed for high performance cars. If your engine is pinking its more lilely to be engine problems than the actual fuel you're using. However the fuel is slightly more refined so in the long run it may be better for the engine.
just stuck a tenners worth in my 4x4 to see if it makes any difference, straight away i noticed my wallet was lighter and my fuel gauge was lower than when i put a tenners worth of regular in:p seriously i will let you know in a few days what its like.
My two D reg 4x4's have slightly different carbs to all the others and seem to run better on super than on 95ron I think I remember reading somewhere that it's something to do with 4star being withdrawn from forecourts or something like that.
Ah the D reg fuel saga still goes on eh! OK, when the FIRE engine first came out it was an unleaded fuel engine.... however for some reason around 1986 ish.... they reverted to leaded 4 star for around 18 months I seem to recall. There is a large batch anyway that are supposed to run leaded fuel only, and the D reg cars fall into it. So, thats why yours runs better with a higher octane fuel. We had a D reg when 4 star dissapeared and the running worsened almost overnight when switching to unleaded or that nasty LRP junk that was about.
Made a hell of a difference to mine, smooother and more reliable. Engine kept wanting to go faster :devil: holds 80 very easily aswell. Fuel consumption dropped a bit but that might be because i was driving faster. Too used to excessive use of the right foot!

Perhaps this is a case of the 903 series engine liking it and the fire not? Expensive though :(

I think the improvement is worth the cost tbh. Thanks for the tip!

Put Total 98RON in mine and it spluttered and has now stopped all together. I've got to do the messy job of siphoning it out! Hope it runs OK when I return to 95 otherwise I have more serious problems! I notice one other person had this result has anyone else?
Wow, what an old thread. If your car was running on 95RON premium unleaded before, the 98RON super unleaded will not cause the problems you have. It's something else.