Technical Powerful steering wobble

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Technical Powerful steering wobble

Jul 8, 2005
on the A684
Just got this problem on my Marea Weekend 1.9JTD...

Pulling into Ikea car park (tight left turn) I heard a knocking noise. Now there is a wobble through the steering, especially when slowing from speed. As I approach a stop the wobble is very powerful.

Any ideas what to check? Typically its happened just as I go back to work - and not during my 3 weeks off when I had time to fix it! :bang:
sounds like loose wheel nuts, and check the big nut on the end of the drive shaft too, It just could be as simple as that, everyone looks for the worst case scenario before checking the obvious 1st(y)
I had a similar problem and it turned out one of my rear tyres had a lump in it... wierd really, spent ages looking around the front of the car and it was the rear that was the problem... I found this after having the tracking done, balancing the front wheels and going through an MOT..!! :eek:
I think its something to do with the dampers - If I drive it like a family estate it's fine. If I drive it in a more spirited fashion it kicks back! It passed the MOT recently so I'll plan to replace the dampers, springs, drop links and lower arms in a few months when its a bit warmer.