Technical power steering leak

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Technical power steering leak

Curt Davis

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Sep 7, 2008
West Midlands
Hi guys
Ive not long bought a 1.9jtd marea on a 51 plate.. ive had two before and love the cars
My problem is ive got a leak on the power steering rack.
Was wondering
1) how big a job it is ( can u get it off without dropping the engine etc )
2) where to get one and how much it would be approx..
I have seen an old tread on here who mentions a bloke in lye stourbridge is he still going???
Also would ANY rack fit off a marea or would i have to get one for this model and year!!
Hope you can help
Any rack should fit (scrapyards), and engine should stay in car.
Subframe might need to come off to unhook it.
When u say any rack will fit. Will a fiat bravo one fit?? I know the mareas are few and far between in the scrap yards these days but i know there are a few bravos out there?
On another point do u know what the light is to the left of the air bag warning light? Its like a box with two " brake lights " on it with stop in the box? I only noticed it the other day as it only comes on when i brake? Although i have just replaced all the rear and front brakes!!!!
The light is brakelight warning light.
One from bravo should fit, but you need the balljoints transferred from marea.
Tipo/tempra/brava/o/marea should all share the same frame
Cannot check for sure as the forum ePER is throwing 503 errors everywhere.
They have different turns on the steeringwheel on lock-to-lock, but 0.2 turns seems to be the biggest difference.
If all else fails, use welder :D
i have had the same prob ever since i've had my 19jtd w/ender it drips down front end of course round about the lower radiator side theres a pipe running across i was told once and a bodge it job from a hydrolic engineer could fix it but i would need to get the pipe off first tbh it passes the mot each yr its not a prob i keep it topped up so i think what the heck leave as it is lol.let me know how you got on m8..