Pls Help. Alarm Wiring !!

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Pls Help. Alarm Wiring !!


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May 2, 2005
I baught an alarm some time ago. Everything is fine but one small problem. I still haven't managed to fit in the microwave sensor.

Can somebody help me by telling me to which wires i have to connect the 3 wires of the microave sensor?

At the moment i have connected the red to a constant
12v, the blach to a ground, but do not know to which wire a have to connect the blue wire of the microwave sensor.

The installation paper of the microwave sensor says this :

Red : - 12V or alarm's armed output
Black :- Ground
Blue :- Connect to instant tritter aux-input of alarm.

Pls help as i am a bit stuck. One small favour. Try not using to much technical words as i am not that much technical.

Thanks for all your help.
There should be an "aux-input" marked on the main unit (the brain) of the alarm system wherever you installed it. This is where the 3rd wire needs to go, it has to have some sort of connection to the alarm systems main box for it to work. Check the wiring diagram for the main box or look on it and it should be labelled :)
Thanks for your reply.

I attached the main diagram of the alar module (the brain).

Hope it is readable as the picture is not that clear.

Is it possible to help me with regards to this alarm.



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Is the aux-in the connection at the end where there is the optional shock box?