[slightly off topic] ADT house alarm...

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[slightly off topic] ADT house alarm...


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May 22, 2021
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So, I recently moved into a new (to me) house and the previous owner had an ADT PM360R alarm installed. After a couple of months of everything working fine, I accidentally triggered the alarm. The memory shows which zones but the instructions in the manual I found online to clear the memory don't seem to work.

Do the collective brains on here have any advice? I phoned ADT themselves and they say that without a contract (£40-50 a month...) they can't do anything, not even provide advice.

Hoping someone can help.



P.S. if you can't help, here's my classic 500L thread instead :)
I was in the same position in my house move. In my case it was an older? Honeywell Galaxy system. Again ADT were not going to help etc. without a contract so I had to hack my way in.

Generally speaking the ADT / Other monitored/contracted systems are Commercial Grade and following certain industry and insurance standards. On the Honewell system there are basically 3 user categories. User, Master and Engineer. It is common practice for these companies to set the systems up so that whilst a user can cancel and shut an alarm off it requires a Master code to then clear down/reset which they do locally or remotely. It is highly unlikely that ADT will tell you the Master or Engineer codes.

Suggest you do a detailed web search for Installation & Service Manuals and on how to factory reset your PM360R system.