Pioneer SA 5300, worth saving?

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Pioneer SA 5300, worth saving?


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Oct 22, 2004
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Just seen and picked up a nice retro looking pioneer today, told it was working, and if it wasn't bring it back.
Consists of a 5300 amp, 5300 tuner, and TT750 cassette deck, OEM interconnects etc.

I only went for it as I want something big heavy, student proof and cheap (£20!).

As it turns out the amp doesn't turn on!! Tried plug fuse, and fuse on back, both were OK, it doesn't crack/pop or even hum, so I assume dead in some kind of mysterious way. Tried to get on my fav audiophile forum (I like my music but my system from home is too expensive to bring here) and its down.

I can either keep it and see if I can fix it (well I've tried, more a case of taking it to someone electrical), or take it back and not worry.

Anyone know what these things sounded like? I know the SA 5800 was a legend but I am asssuming the 5300 was just an ordinary mass produced pile of silerness. Upon opening it up it doesn't look that special.
Sounds scuppered if the fuses are ok. I would check the power switch to see if thats broken or dirty, other than that- its buggered