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General Pics of my Sei


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Sep 24, 2006
Hey guys this is a pic of my 2002 mpi sei engine bay..Just fitted a new induction system..Pretty good improvement as regards to torque and roar hihi..
Can someone please tell me if the air breather filter should go directly to the breather coming out from the rocker or else should I make a T connection so that i connect the breather hose to the induction and also to the air breather filter? Thanks for ur help guys.... BTW I am from the small island of Malta, big fan of these little toys hehe!!


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Hello mate :D ,

Nice looking system you have there (y)

I don't know what your emmisions tests are like over there, but we tend to stay away from open crankcase breather filters in the UK. Normally with induction systems like this, we just run a hose from the pipe coming out of the cam cover directly back into the induction tube after the filter and as close the the throttle body as possible. By the looks of your photo, you have provision for plumbing it in anyway.
You only have to plug it in for one day for mot, or chance it.....catch tank is a grey area.

Advantages of not returning are:

you don't get oily crap fed back into the intake messing things up

potentially there is a marginal performance benefit (de oxygenated oil laden gas is not sent back into the can't be combusted)

you can monitor the health of the engine by the oil passed water, carbon etc.


not as environmentally friendly, catch tank helps a lot with this though

may have that oil smell from the engine


Just out of interest, what's the general view on this from those with induction kits - to plumb back into the system and leave it, just plumb it in for the MOT, have a breather filter, or fit a catch tank?
I've got mine plumbed in and passed emissions, but I've also got a spare breather filter lying around.