Technical petrol smell from sei

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Technical petrol smell from sei


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Apr 15, 2006
ok ive seen from a few other posts that its a common fault that most sei's were recalled for dodgy petrol tanks but i though id just check first- anyhow my girls 899 sei (99) has a distinct smell of petrol lately from inside and out... how do i access the petrol tank to check- there dosnt seem to be any sign of leaking petrol just yet.. but it stinks so any other things i could check? cheers!
Stick your head under the car where the rear seat sits. The tank is right there. They go at the seams so look out for signs of leakage around it.

Also check the filler neck and breathers.

Access to the top of the tank is under the diamond shaped plate under the back seat.


ok i had a look under the tank at the weekend and it does look like seepage coming down from the edges of the tank (the edges look corroded from the looks of things) i couldnt get much access to anything from the panel under the rear seats there seems to be an electrical unit under there (whats this? btw) anyhow im only off the phone from fiat and they said the tank was replaced in 2004! surley it cant be have went again? (n) he said there are two different types of tanks, ones that seal to the bodywork and ones that are complete units- is the sei a complete tank? not sure what my next move is - probably order a tank from ebay as they appear to be much cheaper 80£ iirc also are the hard to fit? cheers if anyone can be anymore help