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Paul's new wheels

Apr 21, 2003
Walking out of my exam today I found out I am the new owner of a car.

*scroll down*

It's a Fiat

It's a brava
I know nothing about it (everybody out at home) except it was bought on the auction today, 51 reg 1.2 16v with 37k on the clock*

*might all be wrong!
Oh and I should add, if I don't like it/we don't feel it will be ok for my type of driving then it will be my sisters:)
Right, I know a little more:

brava, very dark blue/black, 1.2 80bhp, Sept. 2001, 1 previous owner, 39k. It has alloys (My grandpa isn't sure if Fiat or not) - I don't know about red key either :s

Best of luck with it Paul. Bravas are great little cars. Maintain it properly and you won't have any trouble. If it has no red key don't worry to much, if you ever need it (unlikely) then you can now get it sorted for under 200 quid. (y) Make sure the timing belt has been changed, if not then get it done. The 1.2 16v engine is not non-interference. Now you can start saving for a respray in pink to match Helz's 1.2! :D
Will get pictures tomorrow. It's like a dream, driving my dad's megane this weekend whilst picking up my new car :D

Got to tow in Mansfield to Nottingham should be ok though done it with the Uno before.

Will be back in nottingham by 10pm tonight so hopefully picking it up tomorrow morning!