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Jun 23, 2018
Been a journey with this problem. Blue and me repaired by Revtronic Bradford, excellent service , worked for 6 months but went down again a couple weeks ago. Revtronic bench tested it and its fine. Refitted, no joy. Fuse is ok, power to 16th pin in plug but no power to no 1 pin. Been suggested that box itself needs changed . Any suggestions
Retro-fit something that works consistently? Based solely on my readings of numerous threads on here.
I would have to agree with @Bonefish Blues The Fiat Blue and Me system is garbage at best, and if the unit has died then there are two options.

1. fiat something that is much more model, more sophisticated and more reliable, something that will actually work with modern phones and come with options or features that blue and me never had.

2. Get the blue and me unit repaired for about £100 and risk it going wrong again in the not too distant future.
There is also a 3rd-ish option similar to 2. Get the unit replaced which at fiat dealer prices is likely to be about 3 times the cost of option 1. but work just as badly as it did before.
Ok reached decision to get a new radio unit with bluetooth, but want to know if anyone has did this and if any models can be connected to steering wheel controls.
Revtronic have advised would need find a module unit number 52004258 with same date stamp as mine 12.01.2015 . Mine wont connect as no power to pin 1, but power to pin 16. Looked at one on, but dont know if will work