Technical Panda 169 1.2 Radiator Fan

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Technical Panda 169 1.2 Radiator Fan


Aug 28, 2011
I've just bought a very tidy and fundamentally honest 2009 Panda 169 Dynamic with 1.2 8v motor and air conditioning. The air conditioning works fine, but in this weather with air con switched on, the radiator fan very quickly turns on at full power, accompanied by quite a bit of noise. I thought that the radiator fan has two speeds. Running Multi ECU Scan, I can tell the car to operate the radiator fan at low speed, and nothing happens; if I tell it to run the fan at high speed, it does just that.

I see that there is an inexpensive resistor module (Part No 71740060) fitted to the fan/motor and at first glance that might explain the lack of low speed fan operation, but I'd be interested to know if anyone has come across this issue before, and has any wisdom to share with me. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Strange one

Not the same symptoms as in the original post,

The euro 5 is different in use two signals to switch the fans on

One is the coolant sensor which we know is correct

The other is the air-conditioning linear pressure sensor

A fault here can cause the fan to come on permanently

Can MES measure it ?

Strange you also have the fan not working at low

Screenshot_20240402-214031 (1).png