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General P Reg Punto Mk 1 - Parts?


Do Pandas Breed?
May 20, 2007
Hi, I usually frequent the Panda Classic forum as thats my car but my daughter has just bought a Mk 1 P Reg 55 SX and I need some advice on parts if poss?

Drivers side electric window now won't work
Roof aerial keeps falling down - caps missing and part of the screw?
Glove box snapped so it won't stay at 90 degrees when open.

I have had a look on Ebay but there don't seem to be many parts knocking around so where's the best place - scrappers? or can anyone recommend any where on line?

thanks :)
you be amazed the amount of parts fiat still stock for these cars and most things are pretty good price too

scapies is also a good cheap idea
Ha! Didn't think about the Fiat dealers as I'm so used to not being able to get any Panda parts from them anymore.

scrap yard or puntosports forum. theres always someone breaking a car down on there, yes more expensive than a scrappy, but you don't have to get your boots dirty ;)

fiat will do you over for them parts, maybe £200 worth there :eek:
Great stuff faster4, I'll try there for the window motor - Trevs sorted me out with the glove box and aerial.

Once this is all done I'll shuffle back to the Panda Classic forum unless she breaks something else (n)

Thanks for your help guys