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General Old Jeremy Clarkson Review of Cinquecento


lol, I watch it all the time, I love it!!

I love the part when they go into the karting place and you see the back of the cinq and its brake lights come on, just at the point in the soundtrack as the minis are in the italian job tunnel, its probably really sad but it makes the car seem exciting somehow.

I saw the feature on the original programme back in, 1995?? possibly earlier, anyway I was a Mini fanatic at the time and I had seen these cars about, I have always been into yellow cars [all the minis I had ended up yellow] and I thought it was a great feature. I had always wanted a cinq sporting in yellow ever since.

I have had mine nearly a year, and still say its the best car I have ever had.

(y) (y) (y) :)
M204 BLT...
someone might have that one here perhaps????

The vehicle details for M204 BLT are:

Date of Liability 27 08 2002
Date of First Registration 04 01 1995
Year of Manufacture 1995
Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1108CC
CO2 Emissions Not Available
Fuel Type Petrol
Export Marker Not Applicable
Vehicle Status Unlicensed
Vehicle Colour YELLOW
Vehicle Type Approval null
i think the cinq will tip over if they let the stig have a go, i no my one feels like it does when i go round corners lol

Dows anyone know where to find this video now??

Iv looked on youtube with no success and the link above doesnt seem to work anymore :(

I didnt see that! damn, well we will have to put it on here or something and hope they dont find it :)

anyone got a copy of it?