Technical Oil pressure/coolant temp Q.

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Technical Oil pressure/coolant temp Q.


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Nov 1, 2005
Would oil pressure affect the coolant temperature?

Only Im pretty sure my Cinq S has low oil pressure (uses a bit of oil) and my coolant temp rarely gets above 60 degrees,unless in traffic,when it will get up to 80 or 90 then the fan cuts in as usual.

But also it takes about 7 or 8 miles just to get to 60ish degrees.
Yes they are directly related, when cold the oil pressure should be higher due to thicker oil, in my integrale this is noticeable as I have gauges for both, when starting her up cold the pressure is pretty hi, about 4 bar, but once warm sits at a nice healthy 1.5bar on idle, tho will still get to about 7bar with acceleration.

I would suggest that if you have low pressure there is something else at fault not the cold weather.
Your slow to rise temperature could be one of two things.

Either its is actually cold therefore the thermostat is a bit open.


The gauge is reading a bit low. It is after all just a gauge, not an instrument.

As the gauge is rising, does warm air appear out of the vents?

If the fan is coming on at an indicated 80, then it would suggest that the gauge is reading about 10 degrees low.

Unless you have fitted an oil pressure gauge, how do you know you have low oil pressure?

Using oil is entirely different. Using oil, in itself, is not a problem unless you are putting in over a litre per 500 miles, by which time you'll be making smoke like a wartime destroyer.

Oil does some of the cooling in the car, taking heat from the top and putting it into the sump, which is cooled by the passing air.


cheers people,sounds like I misread what was going on,it doesnt use a lot of oil,just enough to suspect it could have low pressure,but it certainly doesnt sound like it now! :eek: :)

Maybe just the cold weather then by the sounds of it,a bit cold down south! :confused: :) Sounds like it would explain the use of more fuel too. (not much,but its on the higher idle more than usual now).
i'll stick one in and see what happens,got another job to do on it at the same time so get it all done then :)