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Sep 24, 2005
Kirkby in Ashfield
It's renewal time for me this month.

so i had a quote with noriwch union for my punto and i paid the £155 deposit.

then i decided to get a Stilo JTD 2003 so i got a quote online for £980, rang them up and got through to their foreign call centre told the woman my details then she gave me a price of £242 so i asked her 3 times if that was for the year and she said yes, so i did that then put the phone down.

thinking this wasn't right i rang up again and asked them about my policy and they said that i had been set up for 3 installments, so i asked her for the payment for the year and she said it was an additional £950 (on top of the £155 deposit i made) I then told her i got a quote off the net for £980, so she told me to get the quote number and ring them back.

Rung them back with the quote number and she said the best thing to do was to cancel the insurance then set it up online, so i cancelled the insurance and then 2 days later £1330 came out of my bank account (the £155 deposit, £242 and the £950 which i didnt agree to).

The money is now back in my account and I was wondering about making a complaint does anyone think i have a chance of getting anything out of it?

Sorry if this post is a bit long but it's very complicated!