General Noddy Progress/Update and power steering question.

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General Noddy Progress/Update and power steering question.

Oct 29, 2013
Marbella, southern Spain
Hello everyone.

My Spanish import Seicento van continues to be ‘prep’d for an MOT and U.K. registration.

Whilst adjusting the headlights it became apparent that the drivers side (LHD) was sitting markedly lower than the opposite making adjustment of the headlights impossible. Using my fist to quickly measure the tyre height to arch ratio it was immediately obvious that the front spring was worn. Decided to replace it and have bought two to do both sides if needed. The rear ride height is the same on both sides. It’s chucking it down at the moment so that won’t get done today(unless I ‘man up’ and get out there.) The shocks appear to be okay but will assess when removed.

I’m also mulling over the idea of fitting electric steering from a broken car.

If I was to proceed with that I imagine I am looking at an ECU swap/keys/power rack and column motor and something(position sensor?) that attaches to one of the spring turrets?

Also, my cars carpet suffered water damage many years ago when the previous owner did a ‘river crossing’.. so I am looking at a replacement from a L/H Drive car possible? As that may be difficult to source I imagine a R/H drive carpet would suffice without then drivers heel pads etc..? If anyone would know where to source a L/H drive example that would be great.

Many thanks