Technical no handbrake light on dash

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Technical no handbrake light on dash


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Aug 25, 2007
the handbrake light which appears on the dash has seemed to dissapear. it doesnt come on when the handbrake is applied. anyone no what the problem could be?
I would guess that either the bulb in the dash has blown or there's something wrong with the switch below the handbrake lever. Try replacing the bulb first, all you need to do is remove the 2 screws on either side of the dash and lift it out, then replace the handbrake light bulb, they just screw out from the back. If that doesn't work, remove the handbrake gaitor and have a look at the switch to see if you can spot a problem there and if necessary replace it.
it definatly isnt the bulb as i already tried changing it but it stil doesnt come on.. havent chekd the handbrake gaitor thing yet as i have no idea what it is im looking for lol.

could it be becoz of worn down brake pads?or does that have nothing to do with the light?
try pressing the test button on the brake fluid resovoir if your model has one and see if it comes on on some you need to unscrew the cap and allow the float to drop

if this does not set it off you have a power problem as both switches simply earth the bulb

at this point you need to check the permanent power on the bulb behind the dash some of the wiring behind there may have become damaged
take the trim off from around the handbrake and you will be able to see the wires there, theres a switch in it that tells the light to come on,.,