Newbies mum and dad Fiat stilo Fuse Box

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Newbies mum and dad Fiat stilo Fuse Box


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Sep 24, 2017
Hi everyone, could really do with some helpful knowledge.. My son has recently become the owner if a fiat stilo 1.4 active sport. The horn was not working so took a look under the bonnet to find the fuse was completey corroded. Also a few other faults which I'm sure will ask for help later! Anyway looked for a replacement fuse module box. Purchased one from another stilo only to find it is different. The model number is different and there are related missing. Long and short, does anyone have a diagram for the picture below so we can try and sort these issues out? Any help will be appreciated. Many thanks


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The connecting plates and connections inside the fuse box are different for different model and year Stilos, so you can't fit a different part number fuse box.

If it's just some of the connections that are corroded, you can fit some of the terminal sockets from the replacement fuse box into your original one.

There's a guide to dismantling the fuse box here:
What Davren said... really. Unless you can find a matching part number from breakers / eBay I agree with Davren, cannibalising the part you've bought to fix the original is probably best.
Thank you all, we have taken apert the old unit and managed to remove the offending fuse. Now to replace and put back in. Many thanks Vicky
We have now fitted the old unit with the cleaned terminals and broken fuse replaced and the horn is working fine. Thank you ?

On the way home last night, the clutch is making a really bad noise and struggles to get into gear. - on to this problem now ?
Really need to sort out my fuse box. Still not done it yet and a bit worried that the larger fuses may break when removing to fit in the replacement fuse box... meaning car is off the road until i have big expensive fuses / relays so im taking the smart option for now and will do it in the near future.
I used a flat knife just to slowly edge then out and it worked fine. It's worth doing ?
I used a flat knife just to slowly edge then out and it worked fine. It's worth doing ?
Aye i did this and also used the fuse puller that is in the fusebox near steering wheel... still snapped some... they appear to have a nasty white ingress in some of the pins...

Still not got round to doing it... maybe this weekend but... i want a fresh set of big fuses and relays incase any break when removing. Trip to Maplins or Farnell is in order.
My fuse box was a bit of a mess when I bought my car.

There's supposed to be a cover on the battery fuse array and then a bigger cover over the whole battery compartment, which presumably is God's way of telling the owner that the fuses need to kept clean and dry... but mine (as seems to be the case with a lot of Stilo's) were missing.

Since then I tracked down a battery cover from a Stilo being broken, only to discover that my battery box was damaged too. A new replacement from Fiat was required since these seem to be like rocking horse poo, even second-hand.. and the new box was not compatible with the old lid (since the big lid covers a lot of stuff that doesn't need covering and Fiat reduced the size of it when they re-engineered the battery box.

Any road up.. old box does rest on the new battery box okay .. which makes it easier to whip off... (just need to be careful putting it back, so that it clears the bonnet).

For good measure I also stuffed a plastic bag over the fuses/wiring and with the battery cover, it seems to be keeping the electrics clean and dry.

All of which could have been avoided if mechanics (professional and amateur) replaced the covers properly each time, rather than slinging them into the corner of the workshop with under-trays and the likes.. :D

Ralf S.
Yea my old stilo had a plastic battery box / tray and never got a cover for it (new owner has) but its one from a 1.6.

My current stilo has the metal tray and a small cover for the positive terminal and also a cover for the fuse box... its not that dirty to be honest but... as you said. I will be insulating it from the elements when i fit the replacement.

Not sure if the 150 model or the 16v multijets had a huge cover that goes over everything... there is nothing for it clip or bolt onto like the 1.2 did.
I used insulating foam for battery and cleaned my fusebox







This is the battery/fusebox cover my Stilo has

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I was dreading seeing them pics... i have purposley avoided your thread and was going to have a read on the day i strip mine lol... i was dreading that i was gonna see all them tiny bits lol.

I might just do the outside of the spare one i have.

How did you open yours? I had a go but give up (was too hung hover) them grey plastic tabs are solid and dont seem to budge.
ok i have a problem i did open fuse box next to battery and my kid came and remove pins before a take pictures so i did watched your writings i did see that on this fuse box fuses are on same location as maine. so doses any one now taht this fuse boy on post is same as maine from fiat stilo 1,6 16v 2002. looks same but not shure my writing not so good hope you understand what im trying to say please help i cant start engine :D
How does the engine not start?

Does it turn over and not fire, or does it not turn over at all?

Do the lights come on, on the dashboard, whether the car starts or not?

Ralf S.