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Mar 21, 2006
Hello everyone,

i have just become the rpod owner of a Stilo Abarth Selespeed, and i've got to say it's spot on. 18K miles, 1 previous owner in sprint blue.

i do have a couple of questions though, is there an update of the navigation system? I was drving around the M42 last night and the maps in the car were clearly out of date, it was no big problem cos i knew where i was going, but there's potential to get caught out... somebody must know how to do this :D

Secondly, under corniering at 30 mph there's a knocking coming through the steering wheel + it's audible (only with the radio turned down), i will be getting this checked out by a garage (cos i'm no spanner monkey:rolleyes:) but i just wondered if it was a common thing, is it a cause for concern?

Thirdly. It needs lowering!!! any recomendations? I'd prefer to just swap out the springs to give about a 35mm drop. I also want to keep an air of comfort to the car. (I used to have a Mk2 Golf that I ruined by lowering too much, it made it too harsh a car for everyday living - shame cos before that it was a lovely car(n) ) I do realise i could go crazy and spend big bucks on some coilovers, but i'd rather not!!!

Cheers Rob
Hi there

Firstly, maps and updates can be easily sorted - any idea what version of Nav+ you are on - it should be 9.8, and shows you on the blue screen as it turns on. Anyway, send me a PM ;)

As for lowering - well, if you don't want anything too drastic, I would say go for the Eibachs [like a few of us on here have done] - about a 30/35mm drop all round, and makes a pronouced difference to the handling :)
Think the others said it all but Ill say it again (y)

WELCOME only a little louder :D (y)